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Videos from the ASNLA Summer Institute

Featuring various speakers presenting on topics such as Assistive Technology for Inclusion Support, Self-Determination, Visual Supports and Inclusion Strategies, Strategies for Virtual Learners and the Impact of the Endrew F court case on IEPs.


Louisiana Rehabilitation Services provides various services to individuals with disabilities. These include Pre-Employment Transition Services (job readiness training, counseling in enrolling in transition programs and/or post-secondary education, self-advocacy training, work-based learning, and MORE) for students aged 16-22 with an IEP or 504 plan, and/or outside diagnosis of a disability. 

LRS also provides Vocational Rehabilitation services for adults with a diagnosed disability who have difficulty with getting or keeping a job due to that, and need assistance with vocational training and support. Services include job counseling, provision of occupational tools and equipment, job placement, supported employment and MORE! 

Monroe and surrounding areas: call (318) 362-3232 for more info!Shreveport and surrounding areas: call (318) 676-7155 for more info! 


Early Steps provides services for children birth to age 3, who have been diagnosed with developmental delays or have a diagnosis that is likely to result in developmental delays. They provide a WIDE range of services including speech and occupational therapy, psychological services, special instruction, social work services and so much more! Early Steps also provides these services in the child’s natural environment (their home, daycare, etc). So not only does the child receive the services, but the families and those who care for the child receive coaching services to allow for even more progress. Get more information on Early Steps and how to be referred, click the link below. 

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