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Request an Autism Orientation Kit

Our Autism Orientation Kits are intended for families of children newly diagnosed with Autism. These kits were created for the purpose of Connection.

Connecting individuals and families to the information and resources needed. 

Connecting you with a community that fully accept you. 

Connecting you with valuable information to empower you in supporting and advocating for your child. 

A few things the kit includes:

  • Safety Tools such as door knob covers, window/door alarms, visual and social stories to help reduce elopement/wandering.

  • A "First Steps" Booklet with valuable information about additional services (private services as well as school-based services), how to be evaluated and other pertinent information. This booklet also some area non-therapy resources that can be helpful to families. 

  • A Car Window Cling to Alert first responders, in the event of an accident, of the characteristics that may be present for an Autistic passenger. First responders being aware of these characteristics can greatly increase safety in these situations. 

  • And more!

These kits were produced with grant funding and we have a limited number available. Additional kits will be created dependent upon additional funding. 

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